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Route 132, route du Village-du-Cap, P. O. Box 10
Cap-Chat (Québec) G0J 1E0
418 786-5719 - 418 763-9935
Fax: 418 786-9119




Guided tours

Come discover the secrets of Éole.
Official wind power interpretation site since 1988.

Guided tours INSIDE the tallest vertical-axis WIND TURBINE in the world!

Explore the lower part of the wind turbine tower, where the massive machinery is found. Tours of the tower – the first wind turbine in the world to offer this kind of tour! You can climb up to a height of 100 meters, where you will be above the surrounding wind turbines! Several levels offer views of breathtaking scenery.

The systems are explained in terms everyone can understand. Visitors can see the equipment and learn about how it works, as well as about recent technological advances and the main participants in this field during this era of concern for the environment (video). Exhibit.




Big wind turbine

A - Elevation: 110 meters

B - Platform

C - Superior bearing of the rotor

D - Guy wire

E - Blade

F - Rotor column

G - Strut

H - Structure support

I - Mechanical disc brakes

J - Flexible connection

K - Pivot system

L - Support bearing of the rotor

M - Generator


Small wind turbines

A - Ø 48 m - Rotor diameter

B - 5

C - 1,4 m

D - 2,7 m

E - 55 m - Hub height